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I recently started working at Crestview Rehab as the Administrator. The overall care and cleanliness of this facility has exceeded my expectations and I am proud to be a part of this amazing team. If anyone is looking for care for their loved one I would highly recommend coming by for a tour and see it for yourself.
Dan Blakely
Crestview Rehabilitation Center is one of the best SNF's in the area. I worked there for 4 years with a highly dedicated, compassionate staff who sincerely appreciate all families and patients they come in contact with and who will do everything within their power to provide excellent person centered care. The management company, Southern Healthcare is the best I ever worked for in my 32 year career as they always provide the resources needed to provide quality care and services. The Administrative staff make themselves available 24 hours a day to meet needs and resolve any issues. I still highly recommend this center when I hear someone has a need for rehab or long term care. I still have family receiving care at this center, and my loved one's special needs are met everyday. Thank you CRC for your daily dedication to meet the needs of those who need your care and services!
Renita Enfinger
My husband and I went to tour Crestview Rehab yesterday. We are looking for long term care for my mom. I was very impressed with the friendly staff and the cleanliness of the building. The Admission lady answered all our questions and didn’t make us feel rushed. We left feeling confident we would chose this place.
Michelle Brackins
I wanted to give a shout out to the Business Office. The girl who does all the Medicaid applications for long term care is very helpful, specially for me. It’s a lot to get done and she always goes out of her way to help. I really appreciate all the CNAs who take care of her too. I’m glad we have her somewhere that I know she’s in good hands.
Tim Foster
Excellent facility with caring staff who go above and beyond to provide 5 star patient care!
Kim Bowman
My mother broke her wrist and they are very easy on her and seems to care about each patient. From what I've seen they work together.
Rhonda Walker
Great caring staff ! Highly recommend !
Derek Powell
Clean building and friendly staff. Lots of smiling faces that make you feel at home. I don’t feel like a bother visiting everyday because everyone is so welcoming. I had the lunch there a few times and enjoyed it. Would recommend to anyone that wants their loved one to be comfortable.
Lynitte Mejia
My great aunt was recently receiving end of life care at the facility and the staff was unbelievable in their care for her. They were also understanding toward our family during the many stages of the grieving process. I would recommend the facility highly.
David Dingess
This is a fantastic Rehabilitation facility. Having consulted in many such facilities throughout the country, i would rate Crestview the highest. The professionalism of the staff and how they stay on top of every detail of their resident, take them over the top.
Tracey Dahill
Absolutely love this facility!
Alyssa Rizia
Staff go out of their way to greet me when entering the building! I always feel welcomed in this building, very home like!! Great facility and great staff!
Chrissy Howell
Very friendly staff. Awesome facility
Sean Johnson
My Granfather was discharged to this center after a complicated knee surgery that required antibiotics and extensive physical therapy. The staff exceeded our expectations, they treated us like family and paid attention to every detail. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of people who work there he made an amazing recovery in 2 weeks! Truly outstanding care. Highly recommend.
Victor Smith
I just finished a 14 day inpatient stay and have chosen to continue with the outpatient therapy here because I love the Therapy Team so much. They have helped me meet my goals and I will continue to gain strength under their outpatient care. Rey, Cheryl, Raleita, Nicole and Michele are just a few out of the many in that department who really care about us and listen to our concerns. I highly recommend Crestview Rehab for any of my friends.
Paula Capsio
Excellent care and friendly staff.Great place to work!
Tara Maltby
Very professional and helpful staff
Craig Holstein
Wonderful and knowledgeable staff! My grandma went here for short term physical therapy and loved it! Everyone treats you so nicely and are very patient with the elderly clients. They make such a great impact in their clients lives and truly help them rehabilitate.
Lorena Cortiza
Excellent short and long term therapy facility. Friendly staff. Highly recommend.
E Vill
Excellent staff and care!
Ben Glidden
Crestview Rehabilitation Center is a 5 Star facility. The staff is friendly and provides excellent care. I currently have a relative in this facility and my family and I are very pleased with the loving care she receives.
Tammi Dingess
Great, friendly staff that works hard to take care of all of their patients!
Kara Dingess
I recently toured this beautiful and very clean Skilled Nursing Center. I was impressed with the caring team of health care professionals. I recommend this team to care for your family member.
Tom O'Neill
I have volunteered at Crestview Rehabilitation for years and have been in every area of this facility, and have always found it to be the best of the best. Not only is the staff friendly and helpful, they genuinely care for the residents. It is always the facility I recommend to anyone who needs to find somewhere for an elderly loved one.
Angie Holland
My Aunt was recently in Crestview Rehabilitation Center. It was the best experience we ever imagined. The environment was loving & had a home feel. The staff was knowledgeable and helped her as well as myself with her insurance and paperwork. She wasn’t treated like a “patient” but rather it was her new home. I liked the therapy team so much, I chose CRC myself when I needed outpatient therapy for a shoulder injury. I highly recommend CRC for both inpatient and outpatient care.
Elaine Cawthon
The nursing staff provided excellent care for my grandmother as well as my great-aunt. The staff has always been friendly and hands on. The facility is very well managed and during our weekly visits it was always very clean and neat. I would recommend Crestview Rehabilitation Center to anyone who is in need of care for their loved one.
K Fountain
I have family at the Crestview Rehabilitation Center. It's always clean and the staff are caring and courteous.
Shelly Fortner
The staff was absolutely incredible to my stepmother and the atmosphere in there was delightful and positive. They really made it feel like home!
James Ringland
Awesome care and customer service provided for my grand-father while he was there for rehab! Very clean building too!
Kaitlyn Campbell
Wonderful staff and helpful in providing the best care of our loved ones.
Anita Holstein
Very nice and cirtious staff, would highly recommend
Roy Ease
My mother is here and I feel at ease when I leave her. The staff is friendly and very helpful.
Excellent care for residents and super caring staff.
Stephanie Bojorquez
Clean facility and friendly staff.
Daysha Baker
The staff is incredibly helpful and the facility is always very clean and tidy! I would definitely recommend this establishment .
Madalien Joyner
This facility is always very clean. Faculty is very friendly and always willing to help or answer any questions. I highly recommend this facility.
Amanda Goodwin
Friendly, caring, and experienced staff! The only place my family members go for short-term rehab or long-term care.
Kenna McDaniel
Every time I come to visit mom the staff has been super nice and the facility has always been well kept.
Trebor Ishmal
Gr8 staff